“All of Israel is responsible for one another.”

The Sages of the Talmud

“To defend a country you need an army, but to defend a civilization you need an education.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

“A little bit of light repels much darkness.”

Ba’al Shem Tov

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Sending hugs to Israeli educators

In this difficult time, the role of educators is more crucial and challenging than ever. Support your peers in Israel by letting them know they’re not alone.

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Letters to Israeli educators

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The Jewish people have always been connected to each other and to Israel.

We are bound by covenant of fate and destiny.

Read below messages that educators from around the world sent to Israeli educators.

What is the significance of being a teacher or an educator today?

How can we continue to strengthen each other?

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שלום אני יעל פישביין. אני מורה בגן במקסיקו סיטי. סליחה על העברית שלי, אני מנסה לכתוב הכי טוב שאני
אני מלמדת עברית וחגים לילדים הכי קטנים בגן עולמי. רציתי לכתוב לך כדי להגיד שאני איתכם, מאוד כואב
לי את כל מה שקרה וממשיך לקרוא במדינה
אני ומשפחתי מאוד דואגים עליכם וכל הזמן חושבים על איך אנחנו יכולים לעזור לכם. אני רוצה להגיד לכל
העולם את מה שקורה ולהעביר מסר של שלום, אבל לתלמידים שלי אי אפשר לדבר על כל מה שהיה בימים
שעברו, כי הם מאוד קטנים, אז אני מלמדת להם איזה מדינה יפה יש לנו וכמה אנחנו יכולים להיות גאים בה
הייתי בארץ כמה פעמים ומכירה את האנשים והקהילה, בגלל זה, אני בטוחה שאתם מאוד חזקים ולא
כל הקהילה היהודית במקסיקו איתכם, וכואב לנו הרבה את המצב הזה. על תשכחו שאנחנו איתכם ורוצים
לעזור עם מה שאנחנו יכולים.
אם יש משהו שאני כמו מורה, כמו אמא, כמו יהודיה או כמו אישה יכולה לעשות בבקשה תודיעו לי, אני פה
תמשיכו חזקים
יעל פישביין


Dear teacher,
I just wanted to say that I stand with you. My name is Penelope. I am in 9th grade at a Jewish highschool in Chicago, Illinois. I can’t imagine how much pressure and stress you might have.

This is a scary time and I want you to know that I am praying for you. We all appreciate the tremendous amount of work and care you put into educating young children. Thank you and stay strong. 🙂


Dear fellow educator,

Hello, My name is Marissa and I teach at a Jewish Day School Northbrook, Illinois in the United States. I currently teach 5th and 6th grade Science as well as 5th grade math.

I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through. I am sending you strength, love, and hugs for not only you, but your family, and the entire Israel community. What you do is such important work - just showing up for your students. Hang in there.

All my best,

Letter to Educator in Israel
Friday, October 13th
Nashville, TN. USA

Dear Educator,
I cannot tell you how much we are all thinking of you right now. My name is Daniella Pressner and I am the Head of School at the Akiva School in Nashville TN. It is a small community school with students from all different backgrounds socioeconomic, religious and cultural. The one thing that brings us all together is
that we are all Jewish. You should know that more and more people are beginning to reach out and recognize the horrors that you are going through and there are so many people in TN who are thinking about you and davening. I have 4 children of my own and was born in Israel and it is never easy to be away from family but
especially at a time like this. There are no words to express what is going on right now and everything that you are going through but you should know that you are not alone. Am Yisrael Chai. We are all crying with you and also truly humbled by your resolve. Israel’s children are so lucky to have you at this critical moment in history. Thank you for loving them, hugging them and teaching them that humanity can and will prevail.

Thinking of you from afar,


My name is Ari and I live in Chicago. I go to a Jewish day school and everyone here admires your strength. My family and my community are very supportive of Israel and stand with you.

Stay safe in these hard times.

Ari Silvers


To my Dear Fellow Educator in the Holy Land,

This crises has brought out a kinship and brotherly love which was under the surface for a long time. As an American mechanech in a Jewish Day School in Chicago, we certainly think about Israel and its people often but we are now acutely aware of the challenges you have raising healthy and happy children in such a tough neighborhood.

Your unique position as an educator places you on a pedestal that others don’t have. You are the guardians of the future, those who nurture and cultivate another generation of strong and connected Jews and we all stand in awe of you.

May Hashem keep you and protect you with all of the heroic people that make our land the best place in the world !

Avrohom S. Moller
ATT Chicago USA

,מורה Dear

Hello, I am a Jewish student in the U.S in Illinois who is writing to a teacher who needs to hear something positive. Although we are in a hard time together, and you are currently unable to teach and educate your students, this is a time where we all feel so closely connected as a result of the crimes committed against our people. It is in times like these where we have to find the good even though that can be quite challenging. It is also a time where we need to help others in any way we can. I am writing to you to give you hope for the future, and assure you that everything will be okay, and soon enough this time will be an event in the past that you will
educate your students on so it never happens again. As for now, make sure you, your family, friends, and students are safe as we all need to be there for one another. Do anything you can to help someone even if it is just simply talking to them. I Pray for your safety and everyone else's in Israel.

Be safe,



Dear teachers,
My name is Sammy and I teach middle schoolers at a secular Jewish Day School in Brooklyn, New York. It has been an awful week. I am sending you this letter to let you know that you have support from Jews (and non Jews) throughout the world, including here in New York.

We feel for you and we are here for you. I’m looking forward to my next trip to Eretz Yisrael.

Am Yisrael Chai,








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The Jewish Agency for Israel's work during this time

The Jewish Agency for Israel's work during this time

Dear friends all over the world Thank you for your warm words We know that jews all around the globe are united for Israel strong and safe Big hugs for you too
מאד התרגשתי לקרוא ואני בכלל לא ידעתי שאתם חושבים עלינו
"אני רוצה להגיד תודה"
"שימח אותי לקרוא"
"עם ישראל חזק. אל תפחדו, הצבא שלנו שומר עלינו"
"לא ידעתי שכל כך אכפת לכם מאיתנו"
"תודה על החיזוק!"

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